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Procedural Posture

Appellant insureds filed an action against respondent insurer, alleging bad faith breach of their insurance contract and breach of an oral settlement agreement. The Superior Court of Los Angeles County (California) granted the insurer’s motion for summary judgment, and the insureds appealed. California Business Lawyer & Corporate Lawyer, Inc. provides […]

Procedural Posture

Plaintiff appealed from a judgment of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County (California) which granted the defendants’ motion to quash and dismissed claims of bad faith breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and conversion. California Business Lawyer & Corporate Lawyer, Inc. understands CACI 1000 Overview Plaintiff entered […]

Procedural Posture

Appellant Salmon Norway, Inc. sought review of a decision from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County (California) dismissing appellant’s claims pursuant to two escrows for the purchase and sale of certain property and entering a judgment quieting title in respondents to the property in dispute and to the money […]

The clients entered into a contingent

Appellant lawyers brought suit against appellees, insurer and its agent, for intentional interference with contractual relations between attorney and client. The lawyers challenged a decision of the Superior Court of Solano County (California), which sustained the demurrer of the insurer and agent without leave to amend. The clients entered into […]

Wholesale Pants

Vannes is a brand where you can find many wholesale women’s pants models. Trousers are quite the main and important pieces for women’s combinations. Our brand offers service to its customers with more than twenty color options. We have a choice of leather and fabric trousers. Our size scale varies […]

Peaky Blinder Suit

In addition to Makrom Classic Suit models, Peaky Blinder suit offers rich options with suit models. Peaky Blinder suit, which is the leading role of the classic style and special occasions, is among the models with high demand. Makrom, which makes a strong impression with its stylish appearance and different […]

Sabiha Gokcen Lounge

When you need to wait for a long time for the flight, you can rest at the airport with the Sabiha Gokcen lounge. Considering the number of flights made with both domestic and international flights, sometimes extreme densities occur. Normally, all passengers must have completed the procedures at the airport […]


HOLDINGS: [1]-In light of the completed eviction, the Panel was not in a position to provide the relief sought via the appeal from the TRO Denial Order. Accordingly, the appeal in BAP No. CC-13-1345 was equitably moot; [2]-The bankruptcy court did not abuse its discretion when it abstained from exercising […]


HOLDINGS: [1]-Choice-of-law issues were not a basis for denying class certification on predominance and/or commonality grounds because California law should apply to all members of the former employee’s proposed class; the members were all California residents whose claims arose exclusively from work performed within the state; [2]-A class action was […]

Procedural Posture

Appellant insured challenged a judgment from the Superior Court of Los Angeles County (California), which ruled that she was not insured for expected or intended acts in connection with the management of an apartment building and that she had a joint and several obligation to reimburse respondent commercial general liability […]