Tips On Making Incredibly Delicious Beef Burger Patties

Summer has arrived and it’s the perfect season for grilling some delicious, juicy burgers. After bringing out the grill and charcoal from the shed, you must prepare all the ingredients. Follow these tips to make exceptionally delicious beef patties for your burgers:

Choose The Right Meat- the type of cut you choose makes a huge difference. A good blend is 50 percent sirloin, 50 percent chuck and some wagyu tallow. It’s an ideal starting point for perfect patties. You will want to skip your local grocer and head to butcher meat shop in Guildford or a butcher meat shop in Woking as they will be able to provide you with the proper blend of meat for your burgers.

Choose A Good Proportion Of Meat And Fat- a delicious, juicy burger has around 80% meat and 20% fat content. If you add too little fat, you will get a tough burger. If your cuts are too lean, add bits of beef fat or wagyu tallow. Order your butcher meat online from your butcher market in Guildford to ensure you have a good meat to fat ratio.

Choose Favourite Herbs And Spices- rosemary or mint can add a bit of zing to your beef burgers. Choose herbs with stronger flavours, so they won’t get lost during the grilling process. Experiment with your favourite spices. Cumin, coriander, cayenne, mustard powder, and black pepper are spices you might want to try.

Avoid Overworking The Blend- to keep your burgers moist, avoid overhandling the mixture. When mixing ground beef and seasonings, gently use a couple of forks. If you beat the ground beef too quickly, it will release more water, making your burger less moist.

Add Salt Later- beef protein breaks down when reacting with salt, making your burger tough and sticky inside. Don’t add salt to your ground beef directly. Instead, form your burgers into patties and sprinkle salt when you are about to grill them.

Don’t Press Your Burgers- when grilling, avoid pressing on burgers with your spatula. You will squeeze out the juices, making them drier and less tasty. Also, the drips of fat can cause flare-ups.

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