Softshell Fabrics

Among the fabric options that Tepastex has produced are softshell fabrics. These fabrics, which have the feature of keeping warm, are especially suitable for use in winter months.

Since the content of softshell fabrics is membrane coating, it is resistant to 10000 mm water pressure. This type of fabric is made by combining three separate layers. Fabric is used in the first layer. Membrane is used in the second layer.

In the third layer, polar is used. Softshell fabrics, which consist of three separate layers, have a very warm feature. It is waterproof. It has a light structure. Suitable for versatile use. Especially thanks to its waterproof structure, it is used in making ski suits, fish suits and wetsuits.

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Thanks to its warm keeping feature, it is used in workers’ vests, in daily use. With the use of polar fleece in different patterns, colors, and weights, it is possible to use it in different styles in many areas. Thanks to its airtight feature, it is suitable for daily wear as well as for sportswear for sports activities and nature activities.

Tepastex has a large market in national and international fabric production and sales. This company, whose production quality is kept at a high level, is among the companies we prefer due to the quality of its products, designs, and price suitability. With Tepastex, which continues to work with customer support, you can always get technical details, make visual requests, and even visit them on site.

You can find high resolution product images of softshell fabrics and all fabric samples on the website. You can examine the projects in which the company has been involved so far and meet the references.