Sabiha Gokcen Lounge

When you need to wait for a long time for the flight, you can rest at the airport with the Sabiha Gokcen lounge.

Considering the number of flights made with both domestic and international flights, sometimes extreme densities occur. Normally, all passengers must have completed the procedures at the airport at least two hours before the start of flights. On the other hand, the passengers who have the transactions are in a waiting position until the moment of getting on the plane.

In this case, the crowds formed with the passengers trying to get on the plane, waiting for the time to arrive, and on the other hand, the passengers who get off the plane create the need for a Sabiha Gokcen lounge.

For passengers waiting for their flight hours, Sabiha Gokcen has the chance to meet their needs at the lounge. Before the flight, instead of waiting in a crowded environment, resting, and waiting more comfortably affects the moment of the journey significantly.

Another value purpose of the waiting rooms is to provide a comfortable waiting environment for the group or individuals who come to meet the person getting off the plane.

When we think that more than one person has come to meet for one passenger, it prevents the crowd that will form from accumulating to the same point and enables the passengers to fulfill their general needs such as eating and drinking in a comfortable and spacious environment.

Arrangements are made in line with the needs of the passengers. The service content provided is made in accordance with international quality standards. Hygiene rules are quite high. At the same time, high measures have been taken in terms of security.

There are sufficient number and size of Sabiha Gokcen lounge. In this way, people traveling and waiting people can receive service comfortably.