Grilling Vs Cast Iron Skillet – Which Is Best for Steak?

Many eager meat-eaters argue that grilling with charcoal is the best way to cook steak, because it imparts a smoky and rich flavour to the meat. On the other hand, a cast iron skillet is a versatile cooking vessel used in many kitchens for searing, braising, sautéing, and baking. Regardless of your favourite cooking method, asking your butcher meat shop in Woking for advice on which cut of meat to choose is important.

With That in Mind, We Are Going to Take a Look at Some of the Pros and Cons of Grilling Vs Cast Iron Skillet:

Pros of Grilling Steak

Great Flavour- most people use charcoal solely for that smoky, scrumptious flavour. The type of wood affects the smoky flavour. One option is to use oak, maple, or hickory wood chips to get more intense smoky flavour. Drippings from steak will produce smoke that adds a more complex flavour profile.

Nice Sear- the sear adds a nice visual and good flavour to your steak. Pre-heated charcoal grills can easily reach 600 degrees Fahrenheit and you will get a good sear. Gas grills also produce proper heat for searing, but your steak will lack the amazing smoky flavour.

Cons of Grilling Steak

It Takes Time To Heat Up- charcoal is more temperamental and harder to control than a stove. You may need to wait 20 minutes or longer to preheat the grill. If you improperly preheat the grill, it will take longer to get a sear and you may risk overcooking the steak.

Clean-Up Is Troublesome- soot and ash may affect the quality of your steak, so it’s important to regularly clean-up your grill. Unfortunately, it’s a bit cumbersome because you need to empty the ash and scrub everything.

Pros of Cast Iron Skillet

More Consistent Results- a cast iron skillet retains heat well and once you are familiar with it; it is easy to get consistent results. It takes a bit of experimenting to know how to pre-heat the skillet and how long to cook with it. Getting a consistent result every time will be easier, so you won’t overcook or undercook your steak. Because the skillet stays hot, it will always produce brown, crisp crust, but it’s still pinkish and juicy inside. Add to that the convenience of butcher deliveries in Woking and dinner will be ready sooner.

Naturally Non-Stick- well-seasoned and properly maintained cast iron skillets are non-stick. Your skillet may not be as non-stick as Teflon, but it’s convenient enough to cook steak without getting messy results.

Cons of Cast Iron Skillet

Even Heating Is Necessary- iron is a good conductor and any spot exposed by flame will quickly heat up. If the flame is not well distributed under the pan, you may not get satisfactory results.

It’s Heavy- if you are cooking steaks for a small party, it can become tiresome rather quickly. Due to its sheer weight and size, you may have to use both hands to work with a large skillet.

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