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The Finest Cupcakes in Sydney CBD

Corporate Logo Cupcakes Can Get it Done


If you’re a business owner then you almost certainly know that getting your name out there is always priority number one. However, you probably also know that most of the time, this particular task is easier said than done. So, being the responsible business owner you are, you’ve most likely done everything from flyers to brochures to email campaigns yet you’re still on the lookout for new ways to get things done. If this is you then maybe corporate logo cupcakes will help.


Hit or Miss

Let’s say you’re at the park handing out flyers or brochures. Chances are, most of the people you give a copy to would probably just glance at it before shoving it into your back pocket. Or, what about that email blast you sent out? Most people on the receiving end would probably end up either ignoring what you sent or just marking it as spam. In both cases, while people may not give much of a thought to what they did, for you, this would be a disaster. Don’t get me wrong, though. These traditional forms of marketing do work. It’s just that because the audience is so broad, the hit to miss ratio is pretty high and the cost for getting this done may not be worth it.


It’s All in the Cake

What if there was another way? A way that is more targeted and colorful and delicious to boot? It turns out there is and it comes in the form of corporate logo cupcakes in the Sydney CBD. These innovative, edible displays are just the thing if you want to make a lasting impression a potential customer.


Here are some of the benefits to using them in your marketing mix:


  • The focus is on you – Of course, you look at anything you eating so a corporate logo cupcake so will certainly leave a mark.
  • It’s different – Corporate logo cupcakes are not things you see every day so you’d probably be the talk of the town after it gets to your customer.
  • Everyone will want a piece – Everyone in the office will probably flock to where the cupcakes are and the more eyeballs on your logo the better


To sum up, giving corporate logo cupcakes is a great complement to your paper and electronic marketing efforts. It’s fresh; it’s targeted and should significantly lower the ratio of your hits and misses. Plus, it’s delicious, too.


If you want the full effect, however, you’ll have to keep in mind that a sloppy, amateurish logo will never fly. So to get the best results, you’ll need a pro to do it for you. If you happen to be in Sydney, this won’t be a problem. Vanilla Cupcakery in Kingsgrove offers this service and the folks there are true masters of the craft. You’ll never find a more accommodating bunch to work with and you’ll certainly be hard pressed to find cupcakes that taste as great. Find out more about Vanilla Cupcakery at www.vanillacupcakery.com.au.